Hi my name is Aaron Loyd, i’ve been making art since my earliest memories.  I began working with foam and fiberglass in the mid 60’s, and established my own label in 1968.  I experimented a little with custom cars and motorcycles thru the 70’s, while still producing surfboards at the same time.  In 1984, after a year on crutches due to a car accident, I returned to the ocean.  This time it was with swim fins and a camera.  The next 15 yrs. I spent travelling the world as a staff photographer for both Surfing and Surfer magazine.  In 2001 I stepped out of professional photography, and took a job as a surfboard shaper for Al Merrick.  During this time I really began to pursue fiberglass sculpture.  My first fish was made in 2000 from a broken surfboard I found on Banzai beach, Oahu.  The sea horses and turtles came after 2010.  All pieces are constructed from recycled foam and fiberglass.  I currently  have a studio at Loyd Surfboards in Grover Beach, Ca., and a studio at Eric Arakawa Surfboards in Waialua, Oahu, Hi.  I hope you enjoy my art and website. –Aaron.

5 responses »

  1. John Abilla says:

    Aloha Aaron, hope all is going well. Take care and Aloha.

  2. Peter Kerez says:

    regards,keep up the wonderful,Peter ,aka “ER”,1973

  3. Peter Kerez says:

    Keep making surfboards Aaron! ER,aka Pete Kerez

  4. Jon corke says:

    My uncle told me some stories, John Haynes

    Thought I’d see the ‘legend ‘

  5. Camille Nordwall says:

    Aaron, Grant passed from the world.. Camille

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